Shoreline restoration project at Fort Townsend nears completion – PDN

Not mentioned in the article is the fact that there will be better beach access for boaters, including a camping site for kayakers. Brought to you by the efforts of the Northwest Straits and your local Jefferson County Marine Resources Committee.

Shoreline restoration providing easier access to a beach at Fort Townsend and habitat for shorebirds, forage fish and other marine animals is nearly complete. The $400,000 project, managed by the Northwest Straits Foundation, includes removing about 1,700 cubic yards of large rock and soil, which are being moved out by barge. The remaining small landing will be reshaped. “The purpose of this project first and foremost was to uncover habitat that had been buried by the fill pad,” said Lisa Kaufman, project manager for the Northwest Straits Foundation. “Also equally important was to improve public access.” Jesse Major reports. (Peninsula Daily News)

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  1. Campsite for kayakers is in the long-range plan for the park, but not part of this project scope. But at least it will be much easier to land and haul your kayak out of the high tide zone!

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