Tribal report: Region’s salmon remain in peril despite habitat restoration – Skagit Valley Herald

Yes, habitat degradation continues faster than restoration or legal means to avoid development on important pieces of property, such as river banks, or shorelines.

Although millions of dollars are being spent on research and restoration projects aimed at protecting the region’s salmon fisheries, salmon habitat in Puget Sound is not as healthy or abundant as needed to support recovery of the fish, according to the 2016 State of Our Watersheds report produced by the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission. The commission, which represents 20 treaty tribes in Western Washington, first published a look at the state of area watersheds in relation to salmon habitat in 2012. The 2016 update released last week concludes that salmon and tribal treaty rights remain at risk due to habitat loss and degradation throughout the region. Kimberly Cauvel reports. (Skagit Valley Herald)

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