Juan de Fuca tugs to escort oil tankers, Kinder Morgan says – Times Colonist

While this is a small positive step, it does not alleviate the issues behind the opposition to this pipeline. From our perspective, the best thing to do is “Leave it in the Ground.” Global warming must be stopped, alternative energy should be the priority, and this oil, from the tar sands, is the most expensive oil, and the dirtiest. There is no way to call any  of it much of a positive step in a time that requires big thinking.

Escort tugs would accompany a wave of new oil tankers bound for the Juan de Fuca Strait, giving some comfort to coastal communities but not dispelling fears of a spill. Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline extension is expected to result in a seven-fold increase in tanker traffic off Vancouver Island. The tankers will be escorted from Burrard Inlet to the entrance of the shipping lane at Buoy Juliet, about 16 kilometres off Vancouver Island, the company says. Amy Smart reports. (Times Colonist)


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