Mount Polley: Mines minister accepts scathing report but won’t resign – Globe and Mail

The disaster that keeps on giving by polluting the Fraser and the greater Salish Sea with toxic chemicals is still an active issue. BC’s ministers seem to be owned by the mine owners and not the people of BC, who they are suppose to be protecting. In China they just take people like Bill Bennett out to some hellhole in the desert for a fate unknown. It appears that those of us in Washington need to continue to ask our legislators at the Federal level to call into question our joint Treaty that is supposed to protect waters shared with both countries. Canada has been hard core at asking us to fix our problems in the past. Now it’s our turn.

B.C.’s minister of energy and mines said he will consider the recommendations from a damning report by the province’s auditor general that concluded his ministry’s regulation of the mining industry does not adequately protect British Columbians from significant environmental risks. However Bill Bennett did not agree with Auditor General Carol Bellringer’s finding that his ministry failed to carry out its own regulatory oversight in the case of the tailings-pond dam at the Mount Polley mine which failed in August 2014. Gavin Fisher reports. (CBC) See also: Alaska raises concerns with B.C.’s mining oversight after audit Justine Hunter reports. (Globe and Mail)

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