The Life & Times of Wolf Bauer – Podcast

There is nothing more important for Earth Day, than to re-evaluate your commitment to helping be a force for change. One person can have an enormous amount of influence on the future. Here’s the story of a man who never stopped recommitting. A true hero for the environment, as well as many other arenas of life.

I’ve just completed a radio documentary on the life and times of Wolf Bauer in time for celebrating on Earth Day.  It aired in April. Here is the link to the podcast version.

FullSizeRenderThe Life and Times of Wolf Bauer is my one hour radio documentary on the life of a most extraordinary modern outdoorsman, who died in January a month shy of his 104th birthday. Pioneering mountain climber, mountain rescue founder, ceramics engineer, kayak pioneer, coastal geologist, environmentalist. Featuring new interviews with Jim and Lou Whittaker who Wolf mentored, George Yount who flew and kayaked with Wolf, and Jim Johannessen who worked with Wolf on his pioneering shoreline restorations.


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