Diver in Victoria waters sees firsthand the need for sewage treatment

More evidence that the willful ignorance of Victorians’ is just causing more damage each year they fail to take action.

Allan Crow opines: “I’ve spent more than 35 years fishing and diving for a living in the receiving waters of the Capital Regional District’s untreated sewage discharges, and have witnessed their degrading effects. Saxe Point, for example, was a vibrant and diverse marine environment in 1977, the first time I dove there. Like many other places around Victoria, it is a highly degraded shadow of its former self, changes I attribute to the CRD’s sewage discharges. The sewage discharges appear on the local seabed, reefs and even the marine life itself in the form of a fine, greyish brown sediment with a grotesque “adhesive” quality. Visible accumulations appear about 50 feet of depth and intensify the deeper you go. Vast areas of the local seabed are contaminated, particularly where the conditions are favourable for the accumulation of sediments. An example is illustrated in my diving video entitled: “CRD sewage outfall pollution in Victoria BC” posted on YouTube. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNR1dfcJn30]” (Victoria Times Colonist)



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  1. Sewage happens when you have no plan to treat it. It shouldn’t take a diver to “stumble” on this revelation. It is criminal for Victoria to blatantly pollute the strait. Legal action should be taken and the proceeds used to clean up the mess they have flushed away.

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