Thanks for Eight Years !

I’ve just passed the eighth year of publishing the Olympic Peninsula Environmental News. The original goal was to share the influx of emails I was getting on environmental issues related to the Olympic Peninsula, and to make it easy to find who was doing what here, related to environmental restoration, protection and political action. It’s been worth hearing from many of you, and look forward to continuing it. The challenges have changed and new issues have come to the forefront, including Ocean Acidification, and new threats to our efforts in the political realm. For instance, we have never had a serious contender for the President of the US, that, without outside advisors, has threatened to eliminate the EPA. What would that look like? Look at Flint, Michigan. 

I will continue to share the news, events and issues with you. Thanks for your time and interest.

With gratitude. 

Al Bergstein

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  1. Your work is much appreciated! Thank you, Al!

  2. Al, It has been a lovely way for me to keep up on the environmental news, even crises, of the Salish Sea. You maintain a culture of needed knowledge, a higher baseline, that leads to better stewardship. Thanks. Pat Pressentin

  3. Thanks to you Al! I read your blog regularly – always relevant, timely and reliable! You fill a very important community niche.

  4. Thanks, Al, for all you do! This has been enormously helpful to me for keeping up on things on the Peninsula side of the NW Straits area!

  5. Al–thank you for keeping us informed!

  6. The OPEN has been a great source of news, history, and info on all things environmental. Many thanks to you Al from Carrol and Alan

  7. Thank you for helping build the community that is so essential for protecting and restoring some priority values.

  8. Thank you and congratulations, Al! I always read your blog and always appreciate it.

  9. I have really appreciated what you share. Thank you. Julia Cochrane

  10. Sincere thanks for this terrific service, Al!

  11. Al, Happy Anniversary, and thanks so much for doing this. I usually hear about something I’ve missed through your post. Bravo! Keep it up. ~ Jude Rubin

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