Groups Sue EPA Over Water Quality And Fish Consumption Rate -KPLU

The political hot potato of updating the fish consumption rate rules continues. A lawsuit actually, after all the stalling by the bureaucrats and politicians, seems like an excellent idea.

A coalition of environmental groups is suing the Environmental Protection Agency for not updating Washington state’s water quality rules on how much fish people eat. It’s what’s commonly known as the “fish consumption rate.” Last month, the state Department of Ecology released a long-awaited draft rule on the issue. But the groups, which include Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations, say local officials are still dragging their feet. They argue and the state rule is not in compliance with the federal Clean Water Act. The groups argue the EPA has violated the law by not finalizing its own standards to protect public health. The rules limit pollutants that can be released into waterways and determine how much legacy pollution must be removed. Toxics such as PCBs and mercury can accumulate in fish, so the rule looks at how much fish is eaten, especially by groups such as tribes that depend on salmon and shellfish.  Bellamy Pailthorp reports. (KPLU)

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