Washington turns up heat for Victoria sewage plant, eyes travel curbs – Times Colonist

Hitting them in the pocket book is a good idea.But I don’t put much stock in the bill passing. It’s a nice gesture and has obviously got Victoria’s attention.

The lack of sewage treatment in the capital region has the Washington state Senate considering travel restrictions to Victoria for state workers. Under the proposal, costs for travel to Victoria would not be reimbursed unless a catastrophe or other serious situation is involved. The self-described “prime instigator” is Rep. Jeff Morris, whose district includes the San Juan Islands opposite the Saanich Peninsula…. On Thursday, the Washington House of Representatives voted 50-47 in favour of restricting travel to Victoria. The state’s 49 senators will now have until March 10 to make amendments. If passed by Washington’s Senate, the measure would be in effect until the completion of a primary sewage treatment system for Victoria and region, according to the state’s budget deliberation documents. Katherine Dedyna reports. (Times Colonist)


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  1. http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/environment/drugs-flooding-into-puget-sound-and-its-salmon/

    surely you can’t blame Victoria for this…

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