Puget Sound’s health filters through mussels – Kitsap Sun

This ought to be a clear reminder  that we a lot of work to do to reverse the inflow of toxins into the Salish Sea. This article shows that many toxins, including DDT, are still being found in shellfish all over the Bainbridge Island and east side of Hood Canal area. If they are there, they are in Port Townsend Bay and elsewhere around here. The Port Townsend Marine Science Center has been involved in the Mussel Watch program. I have been unable to find the data sets of the work they did over the last 10 years. Perhaps a reader can point me to it.

It’s so dark that Maradel Gale and her team of Bainbridge Beach Naturalists don’t see Manzanita Bay until their boots squish into its low tidelands. With only a few house lights along its rim and no sounds but lapping waves, the bay doesn’t seem like the best place to be poking around for pollution. But for Gale, the proof is in the mussels. She shines her headlamp on a few dozen black-shelled bivalves, neatly arrayed in mesh bags and locked in a steel cage. She placed the farm-raised mussels here three months ago to soak, and now it’s time to send them to the lab. Tristan Baurick reports. (Kitsap Sun)


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