Upcoming King Tide Offers A Preview Of Sea Level Rise – Earthfix

Down on the Oregon coast, there is an effort to document sea level rise with the king tides this weekend. Read the article and do your own videos (even with smart phones) to document what we were like before the deluge.

What will coastal communities look like as the sea level rises with climate change? This week’s king tide could offer a preview. Several groups will be photographing the effects of the extremely high tides expected Wednesday through Friday. They hope it will help communities visualize and prepare for a warming world. The 10-foot king tide is about two feet higher than normal high tides. Its surging seawater is a natural effect of the moon being closer to the Earth. Experts say it can cause the kind of flooding and erosion that climate models are predicting as average temperatures rise. Cassandra Profita reports. (EarthFix)


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