3 reasons to keep an eye on the sky in the next week – KING

If the skies clear, here’s a low cost piece of entertainment, especially if you have a hard time sleeping!

Look up! There are a several cool things happening in the night sky over the next week or so. First off, peaking early Thursday morning and in the evening is the Orionid meteor shower. It’s an average meteor shower producing up to 20 meteors per hour. Compare that to the Geminids in December, which can produce over 100 per hour. Next, look to the east just before sunrise, and you’ll see the conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Venus. This is pretty rare. It’s when all three planets will be bunched up and clearly visible. And finally, on October 27 there will be a full Supermoon. It’s the third Supermoon in as many months when the moon makes its closest approach to Earth. And it will look slightly larger and brighter than usual. Benjamin Dery reports. (KING)


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