Harper concedes defeat. A horrible era comes to an end

Canadians have decisively ousted the most environmentally destructive Prime Minister and Parliament Canada has known in the modern era. A man and a party that was morally bankrupt has finally been turned out by Canadian voters. How long it will take to reverse the incredible damage that Stephen Harper and his band of ignorant thugs have done,is another matter.

Thank you Canadian voters. Now the real work begins.

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  1. Liberals gained 150 seats since 2011 election for a total now of 184 of the 338 total. The New Democratic Party, which won big in Alberta before and was said to have a lot of support in BC, came in a distant 3rd under Mulcair. When there, I heard a lot of talk about “strategic voting.” They wanted to MAKE SURE that Harper did not get back in office, thus, support moved to the stronger of the two alternative parties. Greens, as in the US, are a tiny percentage party (only saw one green sign where we traveled) Final count: http://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/results-2015/

  2. Hopefully, Trudeau can BRING BACK SCIENCE to their country and put the scientists who CARE about the environment back in charge of it. There was a Common Ground article I read while there in early October that speculated Harper was funded by the U.S. Koch brothers, but their disclosure laws seem to be worse than ours. He only revealed 2 of his 12 major donors back when first put into office. Thankfully, he’s resigning. But it was reported last night that he’d be “leading the opposition.” Not sure exactly what that means, but I don’t think the minority can hold up the government in a Parliamentary system. Anyone?

    • It is hard to imagine that Harper, having led his party to a massive defeat, and truly out of power, would end up leading them forward. Election night thoughts are often very kind to the loser, no matter how pathetic an individual.

      Restoring environmental issues is going to be huge. They can reverse policies like the one allowing fracking in Banff National Park, but they cannot just restore something like the science library that they defunded, which dumped thousands of books and research papers dating back to the beginning of the country. There were descriptions of scientists and librarians raiding the dumpsters of the library and taking home rare manuscripts that were about to be lost forever. In the Middle East these kinds of tactics are only used by ISIS. So I have little respect for Harper and his band of vandals.

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