Video: Update on Fukushima radiation

Dr. Ken Buessler, is a senior scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, running the new Center for Marine and Environmental Radiation. He has been a leading voice in getting what scientific data there is on the radiation released (and still being released) from the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns. He was instrumental in forming what little  citizen science based monitoring exists, since the Republican controlled Congress will not fund monitoring, apparently.

This talk, from last month, is an up to date assessment of the situation. We still can be grateful that we have not seen meaningful levels of cesium yet on the west coast. But we cannot be complacent, as the build up of this deadly radioactive isotope is growing, albeit slowly, and could be showing up in seafood captured far off shore. Tuna is one of the most likely fish to have measurable amounts from Fukushima, but still are at levels far below what any scientist feels is of concern. More monitoring is needed, and you can help. See for funding opportunities for measurements to be gathered from Sequim Bay and other local sites.

Dr. Buessler has recently  helped launch the  Radband, a means of measuring cesium with a sensor built into something small enough to wear on your ankle when you enter the ocean. He also was responsible for the

His web site is

You can also look at

Fukushima from two sides of the Pacific.

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