Volunteers provide crucial surveys of sea stars to monitor a mysterious, devastating disease – Everett Herald

I’ve not seen an article on the sea star wasting disease issue lately. Here’s a short update.

Touching sea stars sheltering during low tide will reveal not sturdy, sandpiper skin but a soft and pulpy texture with white and oozing lesions, its limp, weakened rays and strained tube feet unable to grasp at craggy surfaces.  But what has caused such a gruesome change in our ochre sea stars?

Will the sea stars ever be able to recover?http://www.islandsweekly.com/news/319471421.html Anna Meyer reports. (Islands’ Weekly)

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  1. so the scientists know all about it, yet they can’t understand why it’s happening nor the causes…how can that be? you don’t need a science degree to understand global warming of the oceans, Fukushima radiation, run-off pollution from big ag, pollution from boats using diesel/gas, and so on…in other words, the poor starfish are one of the ocean’s canaries…we spent an afternoon on Savary Island near Lund, BC in June, the starfish there, purplish in colour, were not doing well and many were dead. With so much of life in the sea dead/dying, wild fires across the West, drought, high temps, I’d suggest we’re now on the downside of the Tipping Points…this is the new normal and it will only worsen.

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