How will the Pacific Northwest change when its glaciers are gone? -Living on Earth

I’ve read that there is a creation myth in a South American tribe that states that “when the snows leave the mountains the world will end”. Here’s a modern update to that story, as it is happening.

Glaciers set the Pacific Northwest apart and are essential for supplying the region’s drinking water, hydropower and for ensuring the survival of the region’s iconic salmon. But disappearing glaciers make the Northwest uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Washington has more glaciers than any other state, except Alaska. Some 376 glaciers feed the Skagit River. That number alone sets the Evergreen State apart from the rest of the country, but it also makes it uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Robert Boos and Ashley Ahearn report. (Living on Earth/PRI)

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  1. There’s an ancient Tibetan method for growing glaciers. But if they’re allowed to go extinct, who knows. . .

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