Drought-like conditions and heatwave prompt statewide river fishing closures  – Seattle Times

The consequences of our inability to stop or slow our human created global warming is being felt in a variety of ways this summer in the Pacific NW. First up, the closing of wide array of fishing due to over warmed rivers. This is a minor aggravation compared to some of the others we face.

It was bound to happen, and now state Fish and Wildlife has decided to close or restrict fishing in more than 30 statewide rivers to protect fish from the warm water temperatures and drought-like conditions. All of the closures will begin Saturday (July 18) and will remain in effect until further notice…. The current changes don’t include rivers in the southern Puget Sound/Olympic Peninsula region although a section of the Sol Duc River is already closed. Mark Yuasa reports. (Seattle Times)

See also: Drought Prompts Oregon To Restrict Fishinghttp://www.opb.org/news/article/drought-prompts-oregon-to-restrict-fishing/ Courtney Flatt reports (EarthFix)


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