County shows off its low-impact development parking lot – Skagit Valley Herald

If we are ever going to recover our Sound and it’s creatures, such as endangered fish, we need to significantly slow or stop storm water runoff. We have used our rivers and the Salish Sea as a sewer for far too long. A first step can be permeable concrete to keep water where it falls, which is exactly what the forests did before we cut  and paved over them. Think it’s too expensive? Try building storm water systems. The costs will have to be borne by all taxpayers. It’s impossible for poor counties like here on the Olympic Peninsula to be expected to shoulder the costs on their own. Here’s one small step on the road to recovery.

When Skagit County Public Works employee Randy Nelson released 2,200 gallons of water from the holding tank of a water truck Thursday, some onlookers had the urge to flee to keep from getting their feet wet. But they didn’t have to. The water disappeared in seconds into the surface of a parking lot outside the Skagit County government offices, leaving only a ring of alder seeds as proof it was spilled. Kimberly Cauvel reports. (Skagit Valley Herald)

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