Enviro protestors face terrorism watch list on the Canadian border – Guardian

This a disturbing article, because of the fact that we are on the border and many people reading this blog are engaged in peaceful protest of many environmental issues. And because we are 7 years into Barack Obama’s presidency, and we are still seeing this kind of overreach in using the anti- terrorism infrastructure of this country to abuse the civil rights of protestors here and in Canada. Do we have to remind the President and these people that peaceful protest is legal and a fundamental right of our democracy? And isn’t it interesting that it takes a UK newspaper to uncover these abuses.

Keystone protesters tracked at border after FBI spied on ‘extremists

More than 18 months after federal investigation violated internal rules, activists say they were still watchlisted at the airport, visited at home by a terrorism task force and detained for hours because they ‘seemed like protesters’


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  1. Thanks for sharing this seriously disturbing piece.

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