Court orders new safeguards to prevent fish farm disease spreading to ocean – Canadian Press

Congratulations to Alexandra Morton, who has won a major victory against the powerful fish farming lobby. While the Canadian government of Harper continues to slash and burn their way through all environmental protections in Canada. At least some of the courts are not yet tainted by him and the industries policies. And on the Peninsula, I’ve personally heard some  representatives of the shellfish industry who love to denounce her, even though she has nothing to do with their industry. People who challenge the status quo, especially when carrying tools that are truth and facts that are irrefutable, are often the people most slandered. I just laugh and tell them, “Its all about the money. It always is.” They wouldn’t care a clam about Alexandra’s work if they didn’t have a direct stake in some way in her results.

The federal government must shield the Pacific Ocean from the potential spread of diseases by infected fish being farmed along the British Columbia coast, a Federal Court has ruled. The Department of Fisheries has been ordered to shore up its regulations to prevent infections from being transferred from dozens of fish farms to the open marine environment. The legal action was prompted by elevated concerns about one particular illness that attacks the heart and muscles of salmon, which the court heard could imperil the Fraser River sockeye. (Canadian Press)

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  1. My mistake as I was recently playing music with an Alexandre.

  2. fyi her name is Alexandra Morton…not Alexandre

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