Update on North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center Funding

Dear supporters of the North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center’s Natural Resources program,

Due to the tremendous show of support and key actions of more than 100 citizens (including 60 who came to the 4/28 NOSPC Administrative Council meeting and 20 who spoke), the decision on the future of the Natural Resources program was tabled until the 5/6 NOPSC Administrative Council Meeting.  If not for the public involvement at this meeting, the program would already be gone.

PDN Article: http://peninsuladailynews.com/article/20150501/news/305019960/0/SEARCH
10 Minute Recap Movie: http://youtu.be/5Z_eCxncpVE

On 4/28, the Council said they would investigate some of the key points that came into question at the meeting, including program finances, alternative learning experiences at Skills Centers and highly-qualified teacher requirements for Career and Technical Education teachers. The Council chair has invited Natural Resources teacher Dan Lieberman to a meeting Tuesday morning to share the results of the Council’s communications with the State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  At this point, they have not shared what their questions were, who they consulted with, or what the answers were.

It may turn out to be critical for you come again this Wednesday to show your support as the Administrative Council determines the fate of the Natural Resources program.

SAVE THE DATE:  Wednesday, May 6, 1 pm , NOPSC (905 W. 9th St., Port Angeles)

Expect a follow-up email by Tuesday evening.

For extensive documentation about this situation, including full video footage of the 4/28 meeting, see http://nrprogram.weebly.com/.

Sincerely, Ed Chadd

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