State board dismisses challenges to Jefferson County Shoreline Management Program; one petitioner may appeal – PDN

Having been a member of the ~20 person Shoreline Policy Advisory Committee (a non technical citizens’ advisory team), I’m very gratified that the work we did over almost 7 years, has been upheld by the Growth Management Board. We knew we weren’t doing anything that was not capable of being upheld in court, and we have been proven correct. This is also time for a thanks to Michelle McConnell for her expert guidance of the almost 40 person team of volunteer advisors through the process. Now I hope the County has the capability of doing as good a job on the new Critical Areas Ordinance.

The state Growth Management Hearings Board has dismissed 19 challenges to the newly enacted Jefferson County Shoreline Management Program. The decision, issued Monday, said “the board concludes that petitioners failed to provide clear and convincing evidence demonstrating the challenged action.” The challenges the plan enacted in February were made by three petitioners: Hood Canal Sand and Gravel — which may appeal, a spokesman said — the Olympic Stewardship Foundation and the Jefferson County chapter of the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights. Charlie Bermant reports. (Peninsula Daily News)

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  1. I’m extremely proud of you and all the others who worked so hard for so long on this plan, Al. You did a great job! Congratulations.

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