Proposal wants big study for Puget Sound’s little fish – KOMO news

While this Senate bill is a great idea, I don’t see a companion House bill  (see comment below, apparently there is), I assume that this will not survive the session. It also has no bi-partisan supporters. Maybe it’s a ‘stake in the ground’ kind of proposal, to try and pave the way for a full House and Senate set of bills in the next session in 2016.

Puget Sound’s little fish – the kind that school together near the shore – don’t have the celebrity status of salmon or orcas. But as the populations of herring, smelt and other forage fish dwindle, so too may the sound’s more iconic species. A bill by state Sen. Christine Rolfes, D-Bainbridge Island, aims to improve what state regulators readily admit is a poor understanding of the small fish that serve as prey for the sound’s larger predators…. Senate Bill 5166 would initiate the most comprehensive study of forage fish ever undertaken in Puget Sound. It would also require a recreational fishing license for smelt, a species typically caught with dip nets near the shore…. Sound Action, the Coastal Conservation Association and the National Audubon Society’s Washington chapter are among the environmental groups that have spoken in favor of the bill. Tristan Baurick reports. (Kitsap Sun) If you like to watch: Sound Action – Forage Fish Matter

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  1. Hi Al – just FYI, there is a companion House Bill: HB 1152.

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