Is Pit To Pier trying to sneak through the legislature again?

Senate Bill 5111 appears to be a new attempt to sneak through a bill to allow the Pit to Pier Project to be constructed as a “project of statewide significance”. The bill appears to be primarily about producing aviation biofuel, but also includes “conveyance of construction materials ” which is the language used in past years to describe Pit to Pier.

More as we find out about this, but if you are concerned, call the office of Senator Hargrove, (360) 786 – 7646 and let him know that you are not in favor of anything that supports allowing Pit to Pier to be built.

The fact that the Navy has essentially quashed all possible commercial shoreline development in the area that Pit to Pier wants to build in, and that the State Department of Natural Resources will not issue a shoreline permit does not seem to stop these folks from trying to do an end run around these two governmental bureaucracies. To quote a famous politicians’ wife, whom they likely paid campaign contributions to, “just say no’.

New to the area? Do some research on what Pit to Pier is. Has to do with the area just south and west of the Hood Canal floating bridge.

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