Rally to oppose Keystone XL Pipeline at Haller Fountain – 13 January Tuesday 5PM

News just sent to me. Nothing more than just show up at 5 on Tuesday. While I’m certainly opposed to seeing it built, the ironic thing is that the people building it feel that it doesn’t matter, because they already have a pipeline built of trains to the west coast. So we sort of are damned if we do and damned if we don’t build it. Either way the oil trains will keep rolling in, in ever greater quantities, through downtown Seattle, Tacoma and points north along the shore. Shows that we need to continue to help the Seattle NGOs that are fighting in the legislature starting this week to demand greater accountability, which, given the Republican make up of the legislature, and the lack of a major explosion such as what happened in Quebec, is about all we can achieve.

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  1. End tax funded pollution of the commons.

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