Navy seeks public comment on sonar use in training with supplement to environmental impact statement -PDN

This has to do with the previous EISA which involves the offshore training impacts primarily. But there are people reviewing this document to see what’s been added. One has to wonder that the odd timing of this isn’t somehow related to adding things for the Forest Service EA under this update to the EISA that is related to it. Confusing? You bet. And likely very well calculated to be.

The U.S. Navy has completed a supplement to an environmental impact statement that examines the proposed increased use of sonar in the Northwest Training and Testing Area. The Northwest Training and Testing Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement is available for public review and comment online at The Navy is accepting comments through Feb. 2. The draft environmental impact study and supplement for the Northwest Training and Testing Study Area are separate from a controversial electronic warfare training project in the Olympic Military Operations Area for which the Navy is seeking U.S. Forest Service permits.   (Peninsula Daily News)

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  1. Is it REALLY necessary to continue this sensory assault of marine animals’ habitats? Especially with the increasing and devastating decline of our female Orca population in Puget Sound? Why can’t the Navy do something more profound, like focusing on the clean up of the floating garbage patches in the world’s oceans instead of constantly intruding and bombarding the water with disturbing tests and drills.

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