Vancouver places 30,000 sandbags along waterfront as ‘king tide’ looms – Canadian Press

Vancouver braces for high tide coupled with storm surge. This is exactly the issue that climate change scientists warn about becoming more frequent as the climate continues to warm. It’s not so much about the mid points of the swings, but that we will continue to have higher highs and lower lows.  I have not heard of any precautions being taken on the Washington side of the Strait.

Some 30,000 sandbags line a stretch of low-lying waterfront land in Vancouver, placed by city workers in a bid to protect local homes from an anticipated king tide. The task was completed by about 45 workers in advance of Wednesday’s forecasted weather event, which could coincide with the same type of high winds and heavy rains that have already cut power to thousands of residents across the south coast and flooded streets. Justin Smallbridge reports. (Canadian Press)

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