BREAKING: Fuel-laden container ship adrift off coast of Haida Gwaii – West Coast Native News

There is a problem being reported 9 miles off the coast of Haida Gwaii, part of the islands otherwise known in non-native circles as the Queen Charlotte Islands. This is home to the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. This remote and unspoiled beautiful coast is now awaiting whether Canadian officials can muster anything like technical support from having this become the latest in the oil industry’s sordid history of spills in fish rich locales.

Let’s hope that the Canadian coast guard is up to the task, given it’s cuts over the last few years.

The ship is currently about nine miles off the coast of Haida Gwaii, at the southeast end of the island.

Called the Simushir, there are 11 crew members on board. The JRCC said the vessel master has sustained an unknown injury and they are sending a helicopter to rescue him.

The ship is carrying mining minerals, 400 tonnes of Bunker C fuel oil and 50 tonnes of diesel fuel.

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  1. Al, Have you been keep tabs on the Navy’s proposal to use the west side of the Olympic Peninsula as a testing area for their electromagnetic technology with jet fighters flying overhead. There were some people from Sequim and Port Townsend who attended the meeting in Forks on Wed. night. I listened to the forum run by the Navy and the Forest Service via streaming. Two neighbors of mine from Sequim attended. We are wanting the Navy to hold information meetings on the east side as there are many questions not answered. They are refusing unless requested by our congressman. We only have until Oct. 31st before the Forest Service decided to permit this activity which could open the door without any more review for other types of military testing. YIKES Carrol Hull and Alan Clark

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