Protests on Oil Trains along Puget Sound Shores coming

One of the largest looming threats to our waters is the vast increase in coal and oil trains coming to North Sound ports in the next few years (it’s already rapidly increasing). Then add the vast increase in shipping of those products and you have a reciepe for train derailments along and into the Sound, sinking of tankers, and possible explosions of trains, as seen in Canada last year. Here’s an opportunity to make your voices heard to Gov. Inslee.

Oil Spill One-Pager Sept 2014

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  1. The sad truth is that even if the fossil fuels could be extracted, transported and processed without a drop of pollution on the dirt, in the air or in/on the waters, the end result will still be Planetary ecocide. Like Toastville for the Kidders. It will just take a bit longer to achieve.

    We’re the first generation to feel the impacts of climate disruption, and the last generation that can do something about it.

    Let’s get cracking. End tax funded pollution of the commons would be a good starting point IMO.

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