Navy Planning on Electronic Warfare Exercises Near Forks – No warning to locals – Forks Forum

Apparently the Navy is planning on conducting unannounced Electronic Warfare Exercise in rural areas around Forks sometime in the near future. The exercises will include some kind of electromagnetic radiation exposure, that the Navy intends to stop if humans are found in the area. WTF?

Discussed in the Forks Forum,, this training exercise, which was ‘publicized’ in news outlets far from the affected areas, is somehow secret, yet needing local approval. According to the article, local politicians in Forks are unaware of the activity.

You can read the whole story at the link above, but if you want to call and complain, here’s the info:

Call Dean Millett at 374-1222 or Charles Escola (Navy-Silverdale) at 360-396-0069 or Leslie Yuenger, Northwest Public Affairs Officer (Navy) 360-396-6387.

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  1. We must write and call ASAP and demand an Environmental Impact Study, community involvement and let the Forest Service know we do not want them approving the permit!!!! This is, by law, is needing local approval. Imagine these beams from maritime sensors, ground based sensors to airborne sensors as traveling radiation and disruptors. Check out what happened in Kauai to their reefs! We need more information and transparency.

  2. WTF indeed! And who will comment for the whales, seals, otters and other creatures?

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