Primary Election Results 2014

Here’s a likely outcome given today. Look for an interview with both Kathleen Kler and Daniel Toepper in the near future.

Derek Kilmer (D) will be facing Marty McClendon (R) . Kilmer so far is outpolling him 58% to 26%.  Green Party candidate Doug Mulholland only polled about 12%. As this is his first try, it’s not bad. The Greens should continue to build their party at the grassroots.

Tharinger is outpolling Greisamer by 65% to 28%.

Van de Wege ran unopposed.

Kathleen Kler will move forward against Daniel Toepper.

Michael Hass is outpolling Scott Rosenkrans! Big surprise here.

It appears that Wendy Davis will be running against Dave Stanko who at last count was running    31.5% to  Przgocki’s  28.0% with only 100 or so votes left to count.  Amazing comeback for someone who had dropped out of the race a few months ago.

Looks like dissatisfaction with the PUD billing has cost Ken McMillan his job. Ken Collins  is likely going to run against  Tony De Leo.


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