Jefferson County Commissioner John Austin decides against third run for seat – PDN and others

Jefferson County Commissioner John Austin has decided not to run for a third 4 year term. I have appreciated his strong stand on environmental issues over the last years, and will miss him on the Commission Board. He has been a very solid vote for environmental protection, health care for all county residents, and a man willing to deliberate over a position.  Politics is about trying to make everyone feel like they are being considered, and some in this county have not felt that way over the last few years, but that wasn’t for a lack of trying by John. Good luck John in all your future travels. I thank you for your friendship and consultations.

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  1. Commissioner John Austin has proven to be a very effective leader to our community. His courtesy and grace in dealing with constituents is proof that our elected politicians can be polite, reasonable, and logical in discussing issues that affect all of us.

    I truly have appreciated John’s open mind to the many difficult issues he has had to tackle, particularly on caring for our lands. His quiet push for protecting our local farms, forests, and parks has made a huge difference in maintaining our county a vibrant and beautiful place all of us are proud to call home.

    Thank you, John, you deserve a fun and exciting retirement with your beautiful and kind wife Cynthia and your equally beautiful grandchildren. Go forth and hike the magnificent Wild Olympics!

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