Beaches appear clean after Bangor naval base spill of oil, water mixture; shellfish harvest still suspended – PDN

I go on vacation for a few days and the Navy screws up Hood Canal…..I  wonder why they didn’t put boom in place around an active fuel transfer, which I believe is the law. Or is it? Also, interesting to note from the earlier story, listed at the bottom, that the Navy dismissed first reports from Washington State Ecology people, that the spill was much larger than they wanted to admit. This is distressing in that the Navy is likely to be very much a lead entity in larger spills that they might cause.

Officials with the Navy, the state Department of Ecology, the Coast Guard and Jefferson County Public Health continued Thursday to monitor the possible effects on wildlife of a 2,000-gallon spill earlier this week of an oil and water mixture at Bangor naval base.  “We haven’t yet seen any oil attached to birds or beaches,” said Lisa Copeland, Ecology spills manager. “But we are watching the situation very carefully and are most concerned with the spill’s effect on wildlife and the environment.” After the spill, the state Department of Health issued a shellfish advisory for Hood Canal from Brown Point on the Toandos Peninsula to the Hood Canal Bridge. Charlie Bermant reports.

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Earlier report of the oil spill:

The Navy is blaming a failed pump for its spill of nearly 2,000 gallons of oily wastewater into Puget Sound.

Tom Danaher, spokesman for Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, said the Navy was using a pumping system on one of its piers to remove oily bilge water from a ship late Monday.


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