NOAA: Coastal ocean aquaculture can be environmentally sustainable little to no effects

This came out in December but was just brought to my attention. I think this officially opens a political battle. Prior to this, NOAA was pretty much not actively taking sides in this. With this campaign on their part, they appear to becoming a wing of the public relations people of the fish farm industry. To be clear: NOAA is a huge agency, with lots of different departments, and they are under the Department of Commerce, not environmental protection. This comes interestingly enough, at a time when there is a great deal of criticism of NOAA for it’s policies on net pen aquaculture here in the state.

NOAA web site on fish farming

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  1. The question is what is being monitored and who is doing it. Monitoring is supposedly going on in BC also, and we see what kind of oversight is happening. Serious scientific allegations that are dismissed by the Province. While the stocks are decimated by yellow wasting disease of a kind that is very likely to be a problem that will find it’s way here in time. We know that huge numbers of fish died off Bainbridge last year, due to disease.

  2. Monitoring is mandated by federal and state agencies and is conducted by the state. Monitoring data is publicly available where finfish are raised in the U.S. — Maine, Washington, and Hawaii. The caveat is exactly why this works. Poorly placed or managed farms impact the environment; properly sited and managed farms do not. Just like any other human activity.

  3. “We found that, in cases where farms are appropriately sited and responsibly managed, impacts to the environment are minimal to non-existent.” I always love those caveats. They sound like the NOAA actually gives a damn about anything but promoting the fish farm industry.

    So who exactly is going to be checking up on the fish farm industry and making sure that the net-pen sites are being run in a responsible manner, that is minimally impacting to local wild runs? I feel more “self-policing” policies, granted by the Feds, coming on. Hey, it “works” in B.C. !

  4. No surprise, as NOAA is under the Department of Commerce?

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