GMO Salmon bill HB2143 appears dead. New labeling bill floated – HB2630

What a difference a day makes. After my posts yesterday, it now appears that HB2143 is dead or on life support. The lobbying of the industry flaks has moved Representative Condotta to migrate from his Yakima Tribal supporters to the net pen industry. Now, instead of banning GMO fish from state waters, and labeling them when packaged, we are getting a bill that simply will label them “transgenic” fish. If passed it will lead to more confusion, as most buyers won’t know what “transgenic” means, and likely will just be spooked. But at least it allows labeling, if passed.

The bill is short, it simply adds this definition to the existing labeling statute: RCW 69.04.934 and 2013 c 290 s 5

It’s worth noting that labeling does not apply to:

This section does not apply to salmon that is minced, 4 pulverized, coated with batter, or breaded.

So there is currently no way to tell, and still will not be any way to tell for those breaded fish that Costco sells. They are quite tasty, and they market them as fresh frozen wild. I’ll have to look closer next time we are there.

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