Hawaii’s starfish protected from fatal wasting disease – staradvertiser (Hawaii)

There have been some outrageous reports on the Internet lately, with people associating Japan’s Fukushima nuclear meltdown to the die off of our starfish. Folks, it’s apparently a bacterium or virus and has not been affecting Hawaiian Island starfish. If this was related to Fukushima, you would be seeing it there, first. This is not a scientific article, but points out that they apparently have not been affected.


…Wasting disease has not affected Hawaii’s starfish. Because a bacterium or virus is the suspected cause of the starfish illness, being more than 2,000 miles away from the sick individuals seems to be, so far, an effective quarantine. In addition to being isolated by distance, Hawaii’s mountaintop islands and steep ocean drop-offs offer starfish few shallow marine environments, the preferred habitat of many species. Of the 1,900 or so sea star species in the world, Hawaii hosts only 20 in shallow water and 68 in deep water. Susan Scott reports.

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