NOSC looking for Morse Creek Salmon Volunteers

We have two weeks of Morse Creek left and need lots of help to get it done!  We’ll be surveying these next two upcoming Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Below is a list of dates with the greatest volunteer needs on top.  There are some great sections in our project site where the gravel is beautiful and clean from all the redds.  This week the nutrient cycling began and it’s beginning to smell like the pinks! 

Below is more information about the survey and what to bring. 

Please let me know if you can make a day and if you would like to carpool (I’m assuming you will).     
Hope you can join! 

Dates volunteers are needed:

Wednesday, Sept 18th: 9am-4pm
Thursday, Sept 19th:  9am-2pm – Strong need for volunteers
Friday, Sept 20th: 9am-4pm
Wednesday, Sept 25th: 9am-4pm – Strong need for volunteers
Thursday, Sept 26th: 9am-4pm – Strong need for volunteers
Friday, Sept 27th: 9am-4pm

Survey Times:

We will be surveying from 9am to approximately 4pm.  Some days may be longer if we have a good swing going and people are feeling up for it.  Please let us know if you won’t be able to come for the entire time (that is completely understandable!).  We will accommodate your needs. 

Carpooling Option:

NOSC will be leaving from our Port Hadlock office at 7:45am. (201 A West Patison Street, PH – Shold Business Park off Rhody Drive).  If you would like to carpool from Port Hadlock or get picked up along the way (such as the Discovery Bay Train Cars off 101) we’d love to carpool!  Please let us know if you are interested so we can make sure there is a seat available and that we know to wait for you.  The one catch (or perk!) with driving with us is that you will be committed to the entire day.  We will be driving a big white vehicle named Moby Dick!  How much more fun can it get? 

Survey Location:

We will be meeting at 651 Cottonwood Lane.

Morse Creek is located at the beautiful (and dangerous) curve just before you hit the car dealerships as you head into Port Angeles.  The speed goes down to 45 mph and on the left you’ll see a field and the right you’ll see a cabin.  There is a left turn lane to turn Left onto Cottonwood.  You will go over a speed bump and see the creek down to your left hand side.  You will approach a very sharp left hand turn (there is an info board to mark the spot).  Take that left to the end.  You’ll see a space to park on your left hand side and will see Moby Dick, the big white NOSC vehicle.

Day of Survey contact: 

In case you get lost, or something comes up…

1st option: Jac (518) 312-2658
2nd option: Sarah (410) 963-3497
3rd option: Jamie (206) 282-3025

What to Expect:

Beautiful sections of stream, Huge engineered log jams, deep pools, fish…we’ll be surveying stretches above the 2010 restoration project, where we did the restoration project and below the restoration (the impact reach), as well as side channels.  All survey protocol will be taught on site. 

We’ll be in the stream or along the shore for the entire day.  Some areas are deep, others are on bedrock which is extremely slippery.  The water is pretty cold.  Some elements of the survey require us to collect pebbles which can be very cold.   Sections along the stream have blackberries, and nettles.  These days can be long and tiring, but extremely rewarding.  We’ll only work within people’s comfort levels. 

What to bring:

-Lunch, LOTS of water and snacks (we typically bring a “second breakfast” or “second lunch”).  
-Chest waders (NOSC will bring yours – just let us know your size!) 
-Multiple warm layers, preferably non-cotton.  People have gotten wet and appreciated a change in clothes. 
-Dry clothes, socks and pants to change in to after the survey in case you get wet. 
-rain coat – many people wear a rain coat when we do the pebble survey so they don’t get completely wet
-sunglasses/hat, sunscreen

I think that is it!  Sorry it was so long-winded.  Please call if you have any questions (360) 379-8051

Looking forward to you joining –


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