New films highlight salmon recovery efforts across the State

From the State Department of Recreation and Conservation Office. Very well done videos by the good folks at North40 over in Wenatchee.

We at the Recreation and Conservation Office and the Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office are proud of our work to finalize and distribute our new video and clips about salmon recovery in Washington State. Our wide distribution is in progress. Please help us spread the word about the salmon recovery story and our state’s great work to recover these iconic species.

The 10-minute video and 2-minute clips reveal why salmon are so important to Washington State. The videos present perspectives from tribes, agencies, scientists, public citizens and other salmon recovery partners working to bring salmon back from the brink of extinction. Visit our YouTube site and watch the videos.

We’ve had important successes in salmon recovery over the past several years. The videos emphasize some of the returns on our investments as well as the need for continued support. While we need to show the progress we are making, there is work ahead and some salmon populations are still in serious trouble. These issues are also detailed by the Treaty Indian Tribes in western Washington in their paper on tribal Treaty Rights at Risk and in the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission’s State of the Watersheds Report.

Please post the You Tube link to these videos on your website and Facebook page, as well as mention them in a tweet. It is our intent to share these videos broadly to shine light on the importance of salmon to our economy and our ecosystems.

Feel free to localize the message for your audiences. The short clips satisfy various interests by capturing perspectives from tribal and state co-managers to commercial fishers, landowners, scientists, and others. If you need information about how to embed the videos contact

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