Disease killing Pacific herring threatens salmon, scientist warns – Globe and Mail

Independent fisheries scientist Alexandra Morton is raising concerns about a disease she says is spreading through Pacific herring causing fish to hemorrhage. Ms. Morton has called on the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans to investigate, saying it could cause large-scale herring kills and infect wild salmon, which feed heavily on herring…. Ms. Morton, a researcher and environmental advocate who campaigns against fish farms, said she caught some herring with similar symptoms in beach seine nets in 2011, but was unable to get DFO to investigate.
Mark Hume reports.

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  1. Once again the Canadian Department of Fisheries declines the opportunity to investigate a potential problem for Pacific wild salmon stocks. It’s just a local problem, they say. Somehow none of what researchers, outside the DFO labs, come up with is of any relevance to the officials that are supposed to be concerned about the health of British Columbia fish populations.

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