Scientists concerned over chill in reporting of salmon virus after lab delisted – Vancouver Sun

The fallout continues:

Scientists fear there could be a reluctance to report a deadly fish virus after the first lab in Canada to say it was detected in British Columbia salmon was stripped of a special reference status by an international agency. Marine researchers say they were stunned to hear that the World Organization for Animal Health, or OIE, recently suspended the reference status from a research laboratory at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island. Run by Fred Kibenge, who is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on infectious salmon anemia, it was one of only two labs in the world recognized by the group for the testing of the virus. Alison Auld reports.

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  1. Another development in an already very scary situation. It is time to continue to inform and educate our state legislators and Governor Kilmer about the threats posed by net-pen salmon farms to wild salmon in WA. The idea of a moratorium on any expansion of salmon net-pens has particular merit considering the “official” uncertainty that ISA is present in BC. Scientists, outside the industry, provincial and state governments feel the virus has established itself in British Columbia. Other salmon disease and parasite problems have also been detected in BC. Again, the industry and government insist that they are not present or not a problem. A 10 year moratorium in WA, would allow the facts about salmon disease incidence, historically present in most stocks of farmed salmon world-wide, to be established for consideration by WA state law makers when making policy decisions.

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