Canadian fisheries continue to decimate herring fisheries

The Canadian government retreat on all things environmental continues. While the quotas continue to get higher, the amount of fish in the water shrinks. Outcome is likely a total collapse of the herring fishery, sooner than later. They allowed it in Newfoundland, and now here.

Judith Lavoie reports. Quota rises as herring count falls

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  1. What can be said about Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s claim that their, “… fisheries management program works to provide Canadians with a sustainable fishery resource that provides for an economically viable and diverse industry”, despite all evidence to the contrary. Currently Canada is working on a trade deal with the EU to cut tariffs on imports of Canadian fish and seafood. Watch for more pressure on the already impacted Atlantic and Pacific fisheries as Canada’s federal government works to increase exports of seafood products.

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