Puget Sound Partnership Leadership Council Chair Martha Kongsgaard Responds to Tony Wright Leaving

While this came in as a comment to yesterday’s post, I am creating it’s own post so that readers don’t miss it. We thank Ms. Kongsgaard for taking the time to write. -Editor

To our partners on the Peninsula:
We are all very sorry that Col. Wright isn’t able to remain in the crucial position of Executive Director of the Puget Sound Partnership because, as was said, his tenure brought heft and passion and vision to this enormous effort. What was not said and may not be widely known is that he came out of the private sector at the request of Governor Gregoire whom he greatly admires and promised to stay with her through her term.
On the other end of that pledge, he promised his business partner and war comrade that he would be back at his firm by winter, and here we are. He has helped reenergize the effort with great skill and vitality. Puget Sound recovery has long been his passion. What he perhaps did not count on is that the job of ED would become a formidable vehicle for the pursuit of same. And so here we are in an imperfect place – he is very torn, but he has an obligation, is loyal, and will be true to his word. It is his intent to stay a couple of months into Gov. Inslee’s term to enable a smooth transition, especially during the legislative session.
The job of ED at the Partnership is an enormously important one and of course the churn of ED traffic is at best distracting to the public and the remarkable staff. But make no mistake, there is more to the PSP than the Director. The 40+ staff members continue to carry out the serious central core work of our mission with great technical savvy and passionate inspiration and will continue to do so regardless of Gubernatorial transitions or appointments. And as we all recognize, this work does not have an end date – it will require all of us, out generations, with many more ED’s, to work vigilantly together.
So we invite the region, our Partners, to help Gov. Inslee fill this important post and to join us as we continue to work on what can only be called the great privilege of safe guarding this remarkable place on earth we are lucky enough to call home.
Martha Kongsgaard
Chair, Leadership Council
Puget Sound Partnership

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