FDA Appears ready to approve genetically engineered salmon – Various sources

The FDA released a report on Friday that seems to point to it’s clearing genetically altered salmon to be sold to the public. The report, at the link below, is usually the final chapter, needed prior to approval. The only hurdle left is for the FDA to get public feedback on the proposal.


This is another distressing move by the Obama administration, all of them, slated to come out just after the election. There is widespread negative feedback from the fishing, environmental and food safety communities to stop this approval. The company in question apparently is not doing well financially. But there doesn’t seem to be much that the Obama administration would do to say no to jobs.

If you feel like acting on this, there are many groups gathering signatures, or you can write the FDA directly. .


2 Responses

  1. My Comment, just sent in. Feel free to plagiarize.

    To whom it may concern,

    The Food and Drug Administration appears to be poised to approve a FNSI and move forward with allowing genetically engineered Atlantic salmon to enter the marketplace.

    My concerns are not with environmental issues, health-related issues, or the science of genetically-engineering life. I will not address or comment any of those areas.

    My concern lies with the inability of your administration to adequately label products that may contain genetically modified products or be the result of genetically engineering.

    It is not your place, as a Federal agency, to dictate to the public what is safe to eat. People choose products to eat for a variety of reasons, including health, cultural, Religious, environmental and personal preferences. Your studies in now way encompass all those reasons. Generally, they reflect only the most minimal levels of safety for human health and sometimes incorporate environmental fate, as well.

    Thus, you are in no position to dictate to the public what is “safe” for them to eat. You are in no position to tell the public what is allowable, based upon their preferences. You simply do not have that knowledge.

    Therefore, you MUST label these products. You have no choice. You must differentiate for the public, which you serve, the difference between products modified in the lab and those which are truly organic, not modified. By continuing to allow and promote genetically modified and engineered products, you, Federal government, have placed yourself in that position.


    Elizabeth Ellis
    31 SE Holly Place
    Shelton, WA

  2. Can you provide more information on these groups? As an advocate of the JustLabelIt Movement and Washington’s version of this campaign (see I-522), promoting genetically engineered foods in the name of “jobs” is a farce, to say the least.

    Many people support the choice of organic, natural, or local foods without genetic tampering for (1) Religious, (2) Cultural, (3) Health, and/or (4) Environmental reasons and/or beliefs.

    It is not the governments place to dictate to the public what they should be eating, much less why, for any reason.

    See more here: http://masoncountyprogressive.blogspot.com/2012/12/just-label-it-support-wa-i-522.html

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