Good news on the air pollution front – How Northwest Ports Are Curbing Their Emissions – Earthfix

This issue directly affects us. The hundreds of ships a year that go right by our shores, emit pollution that you can see on a windless day. No one has ever monitored that air pollution here, but they do in Seattle, and have taken action on it.

Air pollution from the shipping ports in Puget Sound has decreased, according to a new report released yesterday. The report comes as ports throughout the Northwest are trying to increase the volume of cargo they handle while reducing the particulate and greenhouse gases that results from all those ships, trucks, planes and trains. The “Puget Sound Maritime Air Emissions Inventory” may sound like a pretty boring read but for people concerned about the environment, the news is good.

The 300-page report [] compared emissions of diesel particulates, greenhouse gases and other air pollutants in five Puget Sound ports from 2005 to 2011.

Ashley Ahearn reports.

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