People For Puget Sound Ceases Operations–Seattle PI Blog

Just in. As an ex-board member I will have an opinion piece on this tomorrow.

People for Puget Sound is ceasing operations

People for Puget Sound, one of the Northwest’s highest profile conservation groups, will cease operations later this fall and try to transfer its work to other environmental activists.

“We don’t have the runway to keep going,” said Tom Bancroft, People for Puget Sound executive director, who succeeded PPS’s founding boss Kathy Fletcher when Fletcher retired last year after 20 years at the post.

Bancroft explained that the organization experienced rapid growth in membership and activities over the past few years but that “our revenues did not keep up.”  The organization took out a $300,000 loan in 2010, which has come due.

People for Puget Sound endured a mass layoff last fall, which saw six full-time and five party time staff members — out of a staff of 25 — lose their jobs.


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2 Responses

  1. Sad. Who will now step up to do the necessary work of this fine organization that fostered so many campaigns for the common wealth, was a parent or mentor to many other non profits that still occupy the edges of the political ecosystem improving Sound environmental quality, and joined together young and old in the “mud up” restoration work throughout the Sound? Don’t we need a place or time to mourn this passing and prepare a followup that will maintain the national voice of our esturary.

  2. Wow! That is, indeed, bad news. Looking forward to your comments, Al.

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