New Action Agenda for Puget Sound Cleanup Released

The Puget Sound Partnership has released a new Action Agenda to replace the one they created in 2009. This new one is based on a huge amount of science input, and hundreds of meetings with regional stakeholders from governments, non profits, tribes and individuals.

A first take on it is by Chris Dunagan at the Kitsap Sun, a man who I consider a trusted source opinion. More to be added as the opinions pour in. I will also be reading the document and add my comments later next week. I was a member of the regional working group for the Partnership since it’s inception here on the Peninsula. To be clear, while I have supported these efforts, I have had my criticisms of them as well. But this is a baseline document, and as such, can be built upon in the future.

Here’s Chris’ news article.  As you can see, the anti-environmental crowd is out to jump on his posts with comments, almost as if they were in concert on doing that.

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