New Director Aims to Shore Up Puget Sound Agency–NWPR

Is this a positive step forward? Someone who actually comes in saying he’s going to make everyone unhappy in his quest to clean up the Sound and Salish Sea. How successful will he be? If he alienates the environmental wing, who actually goes out and does the bulk of the work on the ground and in the streams, and pisses off the business community who influence people like the Governor, not long I’d say. But I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The incoming director of the Partnership is retired Army Corps of Engineers Col. Tony Wright. He has a reputation as a straight shooter who’s not out to please everybody. Before he got this job, he told the Partnership it needed more courage if it wants to save Puget Sound. He says he’s not afraid to "embrace the porcupine." Wright: "My previous job, I frequently tried to make everyone kind of equally unhappy. You can’t solve difficult problems from a distance. You have to get in there, become part of the solution and sometimes you get stuck with quills in the process."  John Ryan reports.

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