Governor prepares to pass the baton on Puget Sound–Kitsap Sun

Kitsap journalist Chris Dunagan sat down with the Governor on her recent tour of the Sound recovery projects. It’s not a very hopeful take, “I created it, they can un-create it”. But it’s good primary journalism that anyone that cares about the Sound, and it’s recovery, ought to read.

The sad thing about all this is that it took a discussion with Norm Dicks, of all people, to get this moving. We should remember that there already was a blue ribbon advisory council in place, and had excellent people at the helm. That the Governor needed another politician to come up with an entirely new bureaucracy, headed up by his son, is quite, well, odd. Why did the governor feel that she had to destroy the existing group, rather than work through their excellent advice? People such as Kathy Fletcher, and the Northwest Straits Initiative, among others. They likely would have been thrilled to have her pay attention to them. And having them all on board to rejuvenate the process, with their huge background in the existing problems, would have likely led to a much more exciting process to get to where we are today. one that could have leveraged the past rather than reinvented it.

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