Sunday Night at the Rose Theater – Bag it!

Come out and support a film maker!

Cities throughout the state, including Port Townsend, are considering a ban on plastic grocery bags with handles. These bags harm wildlife by ingestion and entanglement. To get people interested in the subject, “Bag It,” a movie about plastics, is shown for free Sunday, Feb12 at the Rose Theater, 235 Taylor St., with a panel discussion to follow. Doors open at 12:20pm and the film begins at 1pm. The event is co-sponsored by the Food Coop, Port Townsend Marine Science Center and Environment Washington.

Discussion runs from 2:15 – 3pm wit City Council member Michelle Sandoval, PTMSC executive director Anne Murphy, Food Coop general manager Kenna Eaton and Environment Washinton program associate Robb Krehbiel.

Whole Foods Bag On Belize Beach
Whole foods bag in belize

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