Canadian oil boom may bring many more tankers to Northwest waters

6/11 Seattle Times
Canadian oil boom may bring many more tankers to Northwest waters
By Craig Welch
Seattle Times environment reporter

In the icy oil fields of Alberta, gargantuan machines traverse open-pit mines to access one of the greatest oil deposits on Earth: Canada’s oil sands.

That massive store of energy has touched off political feuds in the U.S. over a proposed 1,700-mile pipeline to funnel crude oil to the Gulf of Mexico.

But fights over Canada’s oil sands could have an impact much closer to home. One company is hoping to boost oil-sands shipments to Asia through Northwest waters — plans that would quadruple tanker traffic through Vancouver, B.C., and dramatically increase the amount of oil traveling through the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

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  1. The environmental implications of this moster project is staggering. We must move energy policy beyond combustion while we still have a habitable planet.

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